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Face Cord Firewood Bags - 6-Pack Benefits: Minimize labor costs associated with repetitive material handling. Improve drying compared to bulk piles. Keep product cleaner resulting in better marketability and a higher quality product. Maintain an accurate understanding of inventory. Specifications: Ventilated fabric, which provides optimum air flow. Heavy duty and recyclable. Easy handling and storage - Ideally sized to maximize space for shipping (36" x 42" x 58" H). 2200 lbs. capacity w/5:1 Safety Factor . Duffle top w/tie string for easy filling and extra airflow. Picking Loops - 4 top/2 bottom loops, 10" long - sized for use with a forklift. UV Protected. Country of Origin - India. Volume quantities available. Contact us for a formal quote.

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Width: 24.00
Height: 16.00
Depth: 14.00

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