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Everything you need except the tree! Our M285 23hp sawmill package has everything you need to easily forward and produce your own lumber or start your own business. This package contains: (1) M285 23hp sawmill w/ log loader package (10) 10 degree x 144" blades (1) Logrite Fetch logging arch with winch and toe tongue (1) Logrite 60" cant hook (1) Logrite handled log scale (1) gallon - Anchorseal 2 end sealer (1) Portable Winch PCW5000-FK Forestry Kit containing: (1)PCW5000 winch w/ sling (1)12mm x 50m double braid rigging rope (1) rope bag (1) sling (1) stainless steel swing side snatch block (2) steel locking pulling caribiners (1) locking grab hook (1) choker chain (1) skidding cone (1) lot - back freight Wow! That is a lot for your hard earned dollar! Financing Available
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Weight: 1,200.00 LBS
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