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Basic Kit w/PCW 3000 Portable Winch Retrieve your big game from anywhere with the basic essentials in this hunting kit configured for hunters! A great choice for those who want to keep it simple! DESCRIPTION Specifically designed for the hunter, the PCW3000-BK includes our lightest PCW3000winch and the transport case (PCA-0102). Since the PCW3000is equipped with an all-position Honda engine, it can be carried inside the case and on its side, without any issues. Using the small pulley (PCA-1275), the user can create a block and tackle system that will double the pulling capacity or redirect the load. An extra sling and two carabiners are also provided. All accessories fit in thetransport case. We suggest a PCA-1205M (164') or PCA-1203M (328') double braid rope and PCA-1255 rope bag for use with this winch depending on your needs. *Note: One (1) 60 mm x 2 m polyester anchoring sling is included with every winch. THIS KIT CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: (1) PCW3000 Winch w/Sling (1) PCA-0102 Transport Case (1) PCA-1275 Snatch Block (1) PCA-1260 Sling (1) PCA-1276 Carabiner
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Weight: 38.36 LBS
Width: 18.50
Height: 17.32
Depth: 12.99
Warranty: 1 Year, 3 Months on Ropes and Slings

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